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About us

Elso Philips Service spol. s r.o. is 100% Czech private company without any foreign capital. Our company is distributor or system partner of brand name like PHILIPS, HEWLETT PACKARD, PANASONIC, ASSEMBLEON, GARMIN, BROTHER, OKI and CISCO.

We are concentrating on complex sophisticated projects for state organisations like Ministries, hospitals, banks, VZP, education and foreign companies. we are suppliers of information technology for instance for VZP, hospital Královské Vinohrady. Our company is supplier of equipment for number of PHARE projects.


Head office:

Kladenská 3

160 00 Praha 6

tel: +420 235350353


 Map (jpg, 197534 B)

SMD division:

tel.: +420 603285233

email: order@elso-group.cz